Monday, March 26, 2007


I got a call from my doctor's office today telling me that I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes from my 3 hour test last week. The medical assistant who called me, however, was completely useless. She tells me about the diagnosis, then tells me I'll need to attend classes at a hospital in a nearby city. When I ask for details, she admits to having NONE -- no clue how many, when they are, how long they last, etc.

Then, she tells me I need to call my insurance company to find out what supplies they'll cover. And I need to do it right away because we need to get me started on monitoring.

So I call my insurance company and the very nice rep asks what my diagnosis code is. I have no clue? She can't give me any specific info without that code, or what supplies they want me to use. She said that usually the office calls to check that out, and I told her that I thought so, too - but I was asked to call. I called and had to leave a message to let the MA know that I needed more information, or I needed her to call the insurance company herself.

And, then I waited. And waited. All day. Leaving 2 more messages and NEVER receiving a call back. Great -- call me up, tell me it's urgent we begin to handle it, and then freaking ignore me the rest of the day! I'm already 33 weeks along -- they didn't have me even do the one hour test until 30 weeks, and then waited 2 weeks to tell me I flunked that test. (Usually the one hour test is done between 26 and 28 weeks, but I'm not sure why mine was so late.) I could give birth before getting the necessary information! (N was born at 36 weeks.)

Oh, and it took me 2 minutes to find the information on the hospital's website about GD classes/counseling. They had a PDF of the form the doctors are supposed to fax over for the referral and it had much of the information I had asked for. If she would have just taken a moment to LOOK, she could have been much more helpful!

I'm wondering if gestational diabetes could be why I have felt so horrible during this pregnancy. I kept thinking (and being told) "well, you are older!" There's no way to go backwards, but I'd like to get this addressed immediately to see if I can feel better these last few weeks. I will call again first thing in the morning, and ask to speak to the doctor instead of the moron who called me today.

BUT, good news for the day is that I cleaned out the boys' bedroom and made more progress on the hallway. I have 2 baskets of items that need to be put away in the playroom that came out of their bedroom/our living room/my bedroom. We did clean out their treasure drawers as well! I still need to sort/purge clothing, but I need to get a couple bins to put away winter clothing for next season before I do that. Their bedroom is "company-ready" though, which is very nice! Now, to keep those rooms neat will be the challenge for us all!


  1. Anonymous6:14 AM

    I used to always get frustrated with things like that - these people who work in doctor's offices - it happens a LOT.
    Hope it works itself out soon.

    God bless.

  2. Wow. Melanie, is this something that wil affect you for the rest of your life? (excuse chronic ignorance) I've not heard of gestational diabetes before. It sounds like your practiioner and his/her staff should be a lot more on the ball and certainly in a position to pass on information to a concerned patient who has a right to the facts.


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