Friday, March 16, 2007


I got a call this afternoon that I failed my one hour glucose test. I asked if we could just assume I had gestational diabetes, and skip the 3 hour test - but the nurse said no. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday anyway, so I'm going to ask the doctor.

I took that test 2 weeks ago and they just got the results? Which means I'm looking at 2+ more weeks before the results of a 3 hour test . . . and then I'll be 34 weeks and likely giving birth 2-4 weeks after that. What good will it do to make changes at 35 weeks (probably where I'd be before I had the necessary stuff to test, etc.) Why not just do it now? I failed the one hour with both C & N, but passed the 3 hour. BUT, I weigh quite a bit more now, plus I'm older, plus I have family history on both sides . . . so chances are probably good that I have developed GD. And, of course, I just listened to a podcast earlier this week about the dangers of GD to the baby and of course I'm now worried.

Add to that my high blood pressure . . . (which has stayed high. Still not high-high, but over the borderline of high). I have tested myself at Target and Walgreens when we've been close.

And my stress over the state of the playroom. And my walls that need painting. And finances. Oh, please, don't let me think another thought about freaking finances or my DH who wants to buy another vehicle (he has very good reasons, but I don't want to add another bill -- even though it may actually decrease the amount of money flying out of our account each month. I know, that probably doesn't make any sense . . . but he's looking for a vehicle that gets better gas mileage. He currently spends almost $400 / month for gasoline and gas prices just keep going up.)

I'm very emotional today. I burst into tears at lunch and upset everyone at the table (DH & boys.) I know a big part of it is hormones, but I'm so tired of feeling so lousy!!!!!

Ummm, this pregnancy has just been a big whine fest, hasn't it? Thank goodness we're in the home stretch.

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