Tuesday, March 27, 2007

just in case

Just in case you were wondering -- things were resolved with my doctor's office today. I'll be going on Friday for counseling for gestational diabetes and getting a monitor and whatever info they have for me. I have to figure out childcare for C&N, but I'm working on that. I also got the exact results and feel better as they weren't that high. 2 of the test results were over the threshold, but not by much -- so I feel a bit safer.

DH has another busy week ahead. I'd like to ask him to take off Friday afternoon to watch the boys, but we really can't afford it and I need him to take off next Saturday morning for the annual Easter Egg Hunt that we always attend.

More organizing done today! I went through the leftover baskets and put things in their place and filled another garbage bag. I also started moving our CD's out of their plastic cases and into an album. I filled 2 1/2 garbage bags with jewel cases and an album that holds 208 CD's! I need to get another album to finish the project. I love how compact our CD collection is now, though!

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