Monday, March 19, 2007

32 week dr appt

Yea!! My blood pressure was back to my usual, normal blood pressure this week. My doctor wasn't too concerned about failing the one hour glucose test - especially since I did the same with C & N, but then passed the 3 hour. While the baby was measuring a little big, she wasn't measuring overly big in her abdomen (which is one of the results of untreated gestational diabetes for babies.) I lost a pound from the last appointment, but as long as I am eating healthy, the doctor isn't concerned. I am beginning to think I may go into labor weighing the same as I did before getting pregnant at this point. I would need to gain 6 lbs to get there.

Other than that, everything appears to be fine. My complaints (aching pelvis, feeling tired, out of breath, having little patience) are all normal pregnancy symptoms. I have no worrying symptoms. Everything is progressing normally. I go back in 2 weeks.

Tonight DH & I take a tour of the hospital.

The boys and I started on their bedroom when we got home from the doctor. I made a deal that if they did made their beds, arranged their animals and brought me one load of their laundry, they could then take a break to watch an episode of "Super Mario Bros.", which is what they're doing right now. I need to go through their clothes and weed out the things that don't fit / are now out of season. I also want to go through the drawers under their beds, as they seem to have become quite the catch-all spots for them. I'm not going to push myself, though. I've decided that we should have no problem finishing up their room between today and tomorrow -- and we'll start on the playroom Thursday. My plan will be to finish the playroom by Sunday night. (yes, it's probably that bad!) I'm satisfied as long as we're making progress.

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