Monday, March 12, 2007

good news

There she is! I'm thinking that this is the last picture we'll have of her until she's born.

Yes, the baby is still a girl (both boys were concerned that the tech may have been wrong last time.) My placenta moved up nice & high, so that is no longer a concern (which I knew was a pretty good possibility, but I didn't realize how worried I was until I felt the relief when I heard it was well out of the way.)

She is measuring a bit big -- I'm 30w5d today, and a couple of her measurements put her at 35w. When taking all the measurements into account, she's measuring about 33w. No reason for concern, and I'm thinking that may be normal for me. I have no idea about the dates with Colin -- chances are he might have been born at 37 weeks instead of 40 since we based his due date on an ultrasound done in what turned out to be my 3rd trimester.

It's definitely the home stretch! DH wants to get the carpets cleaned before we rearrange the bedroom furniture, and I've told him we need to do it in the next couple weeks! My mother's blessing is scheduled for April 1, which is quickly approaching. I was finally high bidder on some newborn-size cloth diaper covers on ebay, so I don't have that to worry about anymore. I need to sit down and make a good TO-DO list tonight, prioritize it, and then get it done!

There are a few things I definitely want to happen before her birth; but thankfully I really don't "need" anything -- we have some clothes, diapers, and my breasts. What else do we "need"?

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  1. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Dang, this is getting exciting, Mel!
    I remember when you were wondering "when and if" - and NOW you're sittin' there waiting for a precious little girl to pop out!

    Whoo hoo!



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