Thursday, March 29, 2007

more info & feeling overwhelmed

Things fell into place yesterday and I was able to slide into a gestational diabetes class in the afternoon. And promptly became even more overwhelmed.

I received a monitor and found out that I need to test myself 4 times a day -- upon rising, and then one hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner. That part isn't so bad -- the monitor is small and fits into my purse with no problem, so I was able to carry it with me and test in the car today after lunch.

I was given the meal plan and already feel like I'm struggling. I was in tears last night over what to eat for dinner (my first meal after receiving the plan) and again this morning when trying to eat breakfast. It is high protein / low carb and I'm a carb girl. I am not to eat any fruit in the morning hours. And I usually eat fruit for breakfast. I have to eat 3 snacks in addition to regular meals, and every time I eat I have to eat protein. It hasn't even been one full day and I'm already sick of protein. I can eat absolutely no sugar. No foods with added sugar at all. No honey either. And I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners.

I've followed the plan to a "T" and every reading I've taken has been higher than it should be -- including my morning / fasting reading. I see my doctor on Monday, and then follow up with the nutritionist the next Monday. I've read that if your readings are high for 2+ days, they consider putting you on insulin.

Deb - you asked if this was life-long and the quick answer is that it shouldn't be. Once I deliver, the gestational diabetes should go away. Unfortunately, the latest statistics for women in the US show that if you have gestational diabetes during a pregnancy, you have a 1 in 2 chance of developing Type II diabetes within 10 years. They'll test my blood sugar during delivery and then again 6-8 weeks after delivery and then annually.

I am giving up the plans I had for this birth -- my dreamed of non-interventionist, medicine-free birth is probably impossible - especially if I end up on insulin. I have to stop running scenarios through my head until I talk to my doctor and see what she thinks.

Other than choking down protein, I see my biggest problem is needing to snack while out of the house. I don't know what protein I can carry easily with me? Peanut butter is a possibility, I suppose -- I should pack a serving into small Tupperware and see how that goes and maybe carry pretzels and peanut butter when necessary.


  1. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Aw Mel. I feel your pain. It sounds awful.
    How about Macademia nuts for a snack? They're pretty good, in my opinion... also, I'm thinking if you find an Atkin's cookbook or even his regular diet book somewhere, there will be ideas for high protein - no sugar snacks in it...

    Keep us posted. You'll manage. You're a trooper!

  2. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Unfortunately, nuts are considered a fat and not a protein. I'm allowed 3 fats a day, and 1 tablespoon of nuts = 1 fat. Supposedly with gestational diabetes, you should see normal numbers within a day, and my after dinner number was the highest yet. Thanks for the support, because I am very frustrated right now.


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