Saturday, December 23, 2006


What's your style for wrapping gifts? I can remember years past when I carefully wrapped gifts. I would fold over the edges and trim the sides and make perfect little packages. I would coordinate ribbons and bows with the paper and do extra little spiffs for each package.

THEN, I got married and suddenly the amount of gifts I had to wrap pretty much doubled. THEN, I became a mom and our friends and family started having children, and the number of gifts grew exponentially.

I'm not a great wrapper anymore. This year, I had one huge roll of wrapping paper and everything is wrapped in that paper. No ribbons. No bows. I cut a big chunk of paper and fold it as much as necessary to fit each gift. No more neat and even folds that are exactly the same on each side. No more trimming to perfectly fit each box.

DH is much more careful about wrapping -- but he doesn't like to do it, and he's busy and not home much these days. Unless I wanted to wrap everything on Christmas Eve, (which I DON'T - been there, done that, and no desire to repeat!) it's been up to me to do a little at a time. I'm not complaining, and neither is he, although he does poke fun at my sloppy edges.

OH, and Santa definitely DOES NOT wrap gifts! He's much too busy, don't you know??

Considering the fact that all the paper will be ripped off and discarded before 10AM Monday, I am fine with my current sloppy wrapping. Maybe in a few years I'll get neat and careful again - who knows?

I have 3 gifts left to wrap and then I'm done! Yea!!!!

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