Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dec 12 Feast Day

Today is the feast day for Our Lady of Guadalupe. Before moving to Arizona, I really didn't know much about this incarnation of Our Blessed Mother, but I've come to love it.

I love the faith of Juan Diego, and Our Mother's sweet patience. I love how she came dressed as an Incan goddess, but Juan knew immediately who she was. My middle name is Rose, and I love how she had him gather roses to give to the bishop.

I wish I wasn't fearful about traveling in Mexico these days, because I'd like to visit the chapel that displays his tunic that holds her image.

Tomie dePaolo wrote a lovely book about her that my boys & I enjoy. In fact, it's in the pile for bedtime stories tonight! Perhaps next year I'll be more prepared and we'll do more to honor this feast day, but right now -- I'm off to read my boys to sleep :)

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