Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Arizona Snowman

C made this cute sock snowman at his enrichment program today. His lips look a bit blue because of a popsicle snack, but those circles around his eyes are just from being worn out by a full day at class.

I took this picture this evening after he came home. He enjoys the program, and has fun with the kids and making crafts. When I look at his exhausted face, though, I am glad we made the decision to homeschool! Our governor pushed full-day kindergarten pretty hard and it was implemented in many schools this past fall. I can't imagine sending him off for 7+ hours for 5 days a week. One day a week is plenty!

The snowman looked pretty easy to make: one long men's sock, filled with rice, tied off to make 3 sections and the top was folded down to make a hat. Googly eyes and a chenille stem nose were glued on, and the smile was drawn on with red marker. The scarf is a ribbon, and there are also 2 buttons glued on the middle section. They made a cute gift bag decorated like a snowman, and placed the sock snowman inside.

Today the program had a winter concert that was adorable. The Kindergarten class acted out the song "5 Little Snowmen." Each class (grades K - 8) performed one routine/song and you could tell the kids had a great time doing it. C was very surprised to find us sitting there when he walked in and was thrilled that we were there. B had some free time in the middle of his day, so he was able to attend as well.

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