Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas highlights

We had a wonderful holiday, and I thought I'd hit on just a few of the highlights.

We decided to attend midnight mass instead of the 6PM family mass. The boys have been staying up later anyway, and as a kid we always attended midnight mass with family. Our midnight mass happens at 10PM, too, which made it a little easier (the priest explained it was midnight on the east coast - LOL)

When we walked in, one of the ushers asked us if we'd like to present the gifts! Of course, we said yes and the boys got to actually carry the gifts to the priest. She also asked DH if he would help with the collection. It was special, and felt like a bit of a sign to me -- who has been spiritually dry the last few months.

Another big highlight for me was a gift the boys got for me, with help from their aunt. It was a beautifully soft, green blanket for the new babe. It was so very important to them that they were the ones who got her the "first" baby blanket. Their blankies are very important to them, so they didn't want anyone to be able to claim first baby blanket status but them. My dad bought C's first baby blanket, and my sister bought N's first.

Our Christmas day was relaxed and laid back - just like we enjoy our holidays. N never bothered to get dressed, which was fine ;) C dressed just before dinner. They finished opening gifts somewhere around 4PM since they take the time to play with most things as they're unwrapped. I've got a bunch of pictures on my picture blog if you're interested.

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