Friday, December 29, 2006

half way there!

I hit 20 weeks this week - which means I've reached the 1/2 way point in this pregnancy.

My last doctor's appointment was fine. We talked about tests that needed to be completed (glucose at 28 weeks, move up Strep B testing to 34 since Nate came at 36 weeks, another u/s at 28 to make sure Missy Girl moved up away from my cervix.) Her bedside manner was MUCH better this time around, which makes me wonder if she's been getting feedback and is trying to change. More power to her if she is, but I still don't care if she's chipper or reticent -- I just want a non-interventionist looking out for my birth.

I'm not as tired or as sick, but I'm still tired and feeling lousy. LOL!

I'm trying to create routines for me and the boys. I used to be really good about routines, but have let them fall away the last couple years. I know we'll need them again to survive with an infant in the house, and I also know it's easier to start the habits before she arrives. That's one of my resolutions for the new year.

She must know I'm typing about her, because she's kicking me right now. I feel her often, but it's not often or strong enough for anyone else to feel her yet. She's still pretty low, but I can feel that she's moved more center instead of hanging out on my far right side.

Today I'm headed off to the grocery store. The boys are busy right now playing a game that has stuffed animals leaping from one bed to the other, so I imagine I'll hear some complaints about heading out!

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