Wednesday, February 08, 2006

T's mother blessing

T's mother blessing is coming along nicely. I got the last address from her today, put together the invitations (that look awesome, thank you very much), got them in the mail, found her sster's address in CA so she can participate long distance, talked to a prenatal masseuse that will come and give everyone hand massages (hopefully), and have the menu 1/2 planned.

This weekend, I picked up enough tealights and holders to give one to everyone at her blessing, as well as D's shower in May. We can light them as a prayer to the new baby. I also want to get some small plants to give to the women who attend. I won't do the same for D - but I do think that the game prizes will be small plants at her shower. She's expecting 25, which is why I'm only doing the candles for everyone.

When I saw her yesterday, I thought she might be in labor. She has 4 weeks to "go", but she just had this look about her, and kept rubbing her belly in just "that way". Of course, she may go all the way past her "due" date, but somehow she just really seemed ready. Even if she has the baby before the 26th, it'll still be a nice afternoon.

I'm asking everyone to bring a bead to represent them, and also a bead for each of their children. We'll string them and give them to her as a "support" necklace to represent how much she is loved and supported. That's why I wanted to get her sister's information. A good friend of ours who moved back to Ohio a year+ ago is sending me beads and gifts for her. I also asked for gifts that would pamper/soothe T, rather than traditional baby gifts. She really has plenty for this little one - it's her that needs the most right now.

She's emotionally frayed, and I'm not sure what more I can do for her. She's not very good at asking for help, and I guess I'm not that good at reaching her to find out what she needs. She did ask for meals after the baby was born - something I was already planning on doing - but I was glad that she was able to ask.

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