Friday, February 24, 2006

10 Things About Me

from Alexa

1- Describe your wallet.
Red. I’ve almost always had a red wallet. There’s a pocket on one side for my cell phone. small zipper pocket inside for cash. Six slots for cards, then an open pocket. In the six slots, I keep my driver’s license, my debit card, membership cards to the zoo and 3 different museums. In the open pocket, I keep my “mommmy” business cards so I can easily exchange info. The only problem with this wallet is that there is no place for change, so it’s always weighing my purse down until I empty it for the boys’ banks.

2- How do you like your coffee? Or do you even LIKE coffee?
I don’t like coffee. I don’t even like the smell of coffee. I drink tea - lots and lots of tea . . . lots and lots of different flavors. My father still claims I won't be an adult until I start drinking coffee (I’m 38)

3- Do you consider yourself religious?
Yes. And spiritual

4- At the moment, which song would you most likely find yourself singing aloud or at least humming?
Have a Nice Day by Bon Jovi

5- Was yesterday a good or a bad day for you?
Good Day. Went to Trader Joes’ with my sister and the boys and B came home from a 2 day trip

6- What or who do you miss the most at this very moment?
I miss my grandparents. Especially my maternal grandmother. She passed away 4 years ago in March. We could always chat on the phone forever, and she was ALWAYS on my side.

7- Do you wash your hair every day?
Yep, every day.

8- Do you send out thank-you notes (snail mail) to everyone who ever sends you a gift?
I am the queen of thank you notes. I ALWAYS send a note, even if I’ve thanked someone over the phone or in person. I send them to my parents, too. My boys know that when we receive a gift, they send a thank you note. I let them color blank cards, and then they dictate to me what they want to say. C is starting to write his own.

9- If you could have one more room added onto your house/apartment, what would you use it for?
A library. Oh, to have a room full of books, and a comfy chair. Every room in my house already has at least 2 bookshelves, but I love the idea of having a room with every wall covered with books.

10- Name only ONE of your favorite brands of junk food.
the milk chocolate bars from Trader Joes that come in the light green wrappers and are sold 3 for $1. I love those chocolate bars!

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