Wednesday, February 01, 2006

St. Brigid's Feast Day

Today is St. Brigid's Feast Day. The boys & I will be making St. Brigid crosses later and I'll make some brain brack (spiced yeast bread) this afternoon to celebrate her day.

She was said to have been baptized by St. Patrick and devoted to the Lord at a young age. She became a nun at a early age, founded the nunnery at Kildare, and is considered to have been one of the great contributors to the spread of Christianity in Ireland.

How can you not love a saint who could write a prayer like this?

Saint Brigid's Prayer

I'd like to give a lake of beer to God.
I'd love the Heavenly
Host to be tippling there
For all eternity.

I'd love the men of Heaven to live with me,
To dance and sing.
If they wanted, I'd put at their disposal
Vats of suffering.

White cups of love I''d give them,
With a heart and a half;
Sweet pitchers of mercy I'd offer
To every man.

I'd make Heaven a cheerful spot,
Because the happy heart is true.
I'd make the men contented for their own sake
I'd like Jesus to love me too.

I'd like the people of heaven to gather
From all the parishes around,
I'd give a special welcome to the women,
The three Marys of great renown.

I'd sit with the men, the women of God
There by the lake of beer
We'd be drinking good health forever
And every drop would be a prayer.

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