Sunday, February 26, 2006

mother blessing a success!

I hosted T's mother blessing today and I think it went really well.

We were going to have it at my house, but her sister came in from CA with her 4 boys, so it was better having it at T's house. It was probably a little more hectic for T that way, but also easier.

I started with a prayer and then I lit 4 taper candles to represent T, her husband, her daughter and her son on the way. The tapers were arranged in a circle. Then, I gave each person a small tealight in a holder along with a small poem how they should light the candle when the baby is born and say a prayer in his name. I also gave each person there a small jade plant. I originally had planned to have us all plant seeds/plants as a symbolic gesture of the new life about to be born - but decided since we were having it at her home, I would avoid the mess that would cause her.

Then, I pulled out the bead necklace. I had written to a good friend of ours, as well as her sister and asked them to be part of the day by sending beads to represent them and their children. (Her sister didn't know she'd be able to come into town at the time) They wrote very sweet explanations of the beads they chose, and I had already strung them, with pretty blue glass beads separating each individual bead. Then, those that were there explained why they chose the beads they did while I strung them. We all cried while explaining why we chose the beads ;) Some were chosen for why they reminded us of T, others were chosen to represent the person who chose the bead. It was a really neat ceremony!

We shared some gifts for her then - pampering items for her, and some sweet things for the new babe.

Finally, I handed T a ball of ribbon and asked her to loop it around her wrist and pass it on. We each wrapped the ribbon around our wrist and passed it on - ending up again with T. We were an unbroken circle, representing the cycle of life, and the bond we all shared of motherhood. We went around the circle then and gave T a blessing for her upcoming labor and delivery. After we were all through, we cut the ribbon and tied it around our wrists. We'll leave it on until she gives birth.

It was a very emotional afternoon, but also wonderful. I had brought fresh fruit, veggies, cheese & crackers and cheesecake to share with the other moms. It was a little hectic with all the kids in the house, but they also made it that much more "real" because it was ALL about motherhood.

T was very pleased with the entire event. She was so touched by the bead necklace and I was so glad to surround her with that love from all of us.

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