Monday, February 06, 2006

this week

Busy Mom by Chidi Okoye
We've got an ultra-busy week ahead of us. Today was my hubby's day off, (although he did go in the office to turn in paperwork), so we spent the afternoon at IKEA. I wanted to get some tealights and holders to give away as favors for the baby shower I'm hosting in May. The boys had a wonderful time playing in the play area after we enjoyed lunch.

Tomorrow, we have preschool class at the Botanical Gardens. C was very disappointed last week when we didn't stay and wander the gardens after class, so we'll do that tomorrow.

Wednesday, we're supposed to attend a local API meeting. A friend is the leader, and has been asking me to attend for quite a while. Since that would be the only "free" day I have this week, I'm still debating whether to attend. She recently changed the day of the week to be more accommodating, but I just don't know.

Thursday, one of my pregnant friends is coming over. I'm going to load her up with lots of things from the boys' younger days and then we're headed to Target to look at baby stuff. She's expecting her first in June and is very cute about the whole thing. She is usually very decisive, but pregnancy has made her second and third guess every decision. I haven't seen her in a few weeks, and I'm excited to see her.

Friday, my mom's group at our parish is meeting. Since I'm the leader, I can't skip out on this one. I'm looking forward to the topic - "What are you reading?" Everyone will share good books for adults & kids. I'm half-hoping that my hubby will end up with late calls that day so I can attend sans kids.

I just realized that I will be seeing 3 pregnant mommas this week! Tuesday, we'll see T & her 36 week pregnant belly at preschool class; Wednesday, we'll spend the day with D and her 24 week belly; and then Friday, we'll hopefully see B and her 10 week belly at mom's group. T is expecting her 2nd, D her 1st, and B her 5th! Maybe some of it will rub off on me!

And, then it's Saturday! I also need to do laundry, feed everyone, clean house, pick up C's fl*vent, gather up all the things for my pregnant friend, pick up my contacts, make a library run, plan a mother blessing for T that I'm hosting at the end of the month, finish organizing the playroom, clean out the clutter from our bedroom, get to the gym, take the boys swimming, pay bills, and send out valentines.

Hmmm. Maybe I should go to bed.

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