Saturday, February 11, 2006


B has had a cough for over a week now. No other real symptoms, just a dry, hacking cough. He doesn't like medicine, and is horrible about taking it regularly (ie. every 4 hours). I've been doing what I can to keep benadryl in his system, and then dosing him on old prescription cough medicine at night so we can both get some sleep.

I feel terrible when I say that it's driving me crazy. I'm sure it's much more annoying to him, and I wish I could be more loving, sympathetic, etc. -- but I just feel annoyed by the whole thing and worry when someone else in the family is going to fall ill.

And, I think it's me. I have a rotten headache, sore throat . . . bleck. I have been pouring Sambucol down the boys' throats, loading them up on Vitamin C. So far, it's working. C had a runny, runny nose the past 2 days, but he's fine again today.

Well, if I can manage to keep the boys healthy, I'll be happier.

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