Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mooey Christmas at Superstition Farm

 We have been visiting Superstition Farm's Thursday night Farmer's Markets for a while and this past summer Nate & Lydia took horseriding lessons there.  Lydia thinks all the cows that live there are her personal friends. Every year, we visit Santa, so I was excited to see that he was visiting the farm this year.

We had a great time last night at Mooey Christmas! Not only was Santa there to patiently listen to the kids and pose for pictures on a big red tractor, but we enjoyed being outdoors.  They had delicious hot chocolate, some simple fare from the Super Farm Truck, the petting zoo was full of goats, sheep & even a couple calves.  One of Lydia's friends came along and all the kids took a ride on the ponies with the ever-patient and sweet young girls who help with the horses. (If you go, say a big friendly hi to Maya and Makalya!)  Then, the kids made s'mores around a bon fire and jumped around on a few hay bales before we headed back home -- thoroughly pleased with our evening out.  The only thing we didn't do was the hay ride - but only because the timing never seemed to work with the kids!

If you're looking for some fun, I highly recommend Mooey Christmas.  If you go tonight (December 15) they are offering FREE admission (usually $10)  The extras do cost a little, but the prices are very fair.  (s'more kits were $1 each, hot chocolate was $1 for a kid sized cup, horse rides were $5 and pictures with Santa were $10)

You'll find the farm at the NW corner of S. Hawes Rd and Elliot Rd in Mesa (3440 S. Hawes Rd to be exact)  You can check out their website, or their Facebook page for more information about all the cool stuff they do. Say "Hi!" to Farmer Jason while you're there!

*Disclosure: Nobody asked me to write this post, and I received nothing in exchange for writing it.  As a family, we really love this family farm and I want more people to know about it!*

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