Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hostess Gift Ideas from Whole Foods Market

I received a fabulous basket full of goodies from Whole Food Markets in Tempe.  I love that I can find dairy-free products there for my dairy-allergic loved ones!  I also appreciate the products there are good for you and good for the people who produced them.

This basket was full of items that were not only high quality, but also had a feel-good quality because of the programs the items supported.

The sturdy, canvas L.I.F.E line bag is made by "mums in Maai Mahiu, Kenya". You can learn more about the program at  I loved being able to see the smiling faces of the mothers who are creating these bags and earning a living for their families.

The coffee in the basket is not only high quality and delicious coffee (according to my mom - who loves coffee), but it also helps support the Whole Planet Foundation by donating 30 cents from each can to help alleviate poverty worldwide where Whole Foods sources products.

I like this beautiful scarf for a couple reasons.  My first name, Melanie, means black or dark and my middlde name is Rose.  Because of that, I have often been drawn to black roses.  This scarf is super soft, and it is made from recycled polyster derived from discarded plastics!  I know - you may be thinking what do I need a scarf for in Arizona?  But, I am actually headed to the Grand Canyon next week so this scarf will come in handy!  I can't wait to wear it.  It was made from a company called Threads for Thought.

The organic chocolate bars are not only delicous, but they also support a schoolhouse project in Tanzania.  The drinking chocolate is sourced from a co-op in Peru and has a flavor unlike any hot chocolate I've had!  It was an absolute treat.

And I have to rave about the Everyday Coconut Super Hydrating Lotion!  It is made with certified fair trade coconut oil, and it leaves my skin very soft.  The winter in Arizona is extremely dry, and it's hard to keep moisturized. I have been using this lotion for more than a week now and I am so pleased with the results.  It has a very mild scent as well, so my husband has been using it as well.   And, like so many products at Whole Foods, some of the proceeds help fund various community empowerment programs.

Even buying a Whole Foods gift card helps alleviate poverty! With each gift card purchased, you can donate a dollar to the Whole Planet Foundation.  The Foundation's mission is to empower poor women living in countries that supply Whole Foods Market with product.  They focus on developing countries by providing microcredit loans for women to start or expand home-based businesses.

I loved being able to learn more about the great organizations that these products help support. This time of year, we are all looking for special gifts for our loved ones.  Any of these items would make a lovely gift that would be wonderful not only for the recipient, but for the individuals being supported by the businesses providing the item.  All of these items can be found at Whole Foods.  The items I received came from the Whole Foods in Tempe, AZ -- which is the one that I frequent.

*Disclosure: I received a selection of products from Whole Foods Market in exchange for an honest review and post. No additional compensation was provided.*

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