Monday, December 17, 2012

Review: Master Lock Safe

Last year, Lydia kept snitching gum from Colin.  We told him to put it away safely, but he insisted that she found it no matter where he hid it.  So, on Christmas morning, he received a Master Lock Personal Safe chock full of packs of gum.  We haven't heard a gum snitching complaint ever since

When Master Lock contacted me a couple weeks ago wondering if I wanted to learn more about any of their products, I told them that I was currently looking for something to hold small electronics.  Sometimes, punishment in our house means losing your screens -- iPod or DSi, usually.  And, sometimes, Mom completely forgets what safe place she puts those items in, so when a kid earns them back, they don't always get them right away.  Or, they will find them and think the punishment is over, so they take back their screen before the punishment is over.  I needed a safe, secure place to put small items!

Master Lock sent me a Security Chest to see if it would meet my needs.  As you can see -- it did!  It's big enough to fit all of the small screens in our house, and even game controllers, if necessary. The sturdy cam lock is secure, and the key doesn't match other Master Lock products (I tried on another lockbox I have that stores important papers.)  The keys are someplace safe (a safe place that I remember!)  I don't have to worry about forgetting where I put their electronics, and we can put a note in the chest about when they can earn them back.

The Security Chest is a good size not just for small electronics, but also important papers or any small items that you want a little extra protection for.  This box is 11" x 14" x 4.38" and retails for less than $40.

Don't tell Nate, but he'll find his own personal safe under the tree this year!

*Disclosure: All opinions, pictures and words are my own.  Master Lock sent me the product disclosed above to facilitate this review. No additional compensation was provided.*


  1. Nice post, very informative.

  2. This safe is GREAT, I have never seen anything else like it.
    My family secures our important items while at the playground, pool, gym, festivals, parks and vacations. Before this safe we wanted to do that, but there wasn't an option to provide instant security at these places. The safe locks, plus we can lock it to things with the built-in cable, so we can carry with us or leave it secured to something (table, chair, tree, fence). We keep it in our car, so we always have it with us and use it everywhere.

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