Saturday, May 07, 2011

It's Been Colin's Week . . .

Colin has had a pretty full week.  He decided to run for student council late last week, so this week we created his poster and he wrote a speech.  The speech was videotaped and will be shown before the kids vote next week.

Thursday afternoon he performed in his school's orchestra concert where he had a small solo during Old McDonald.  He wasn't able to perform in the evening concert because we attended the school district awards ceremony so he could receive recognition for his short story that won first place.  He also received a copy of the book that includes all the winners' poems and stories so he can say that he is officially a published author.  The books will be placed in all district libraries this week.

Saturday found us having Little League pictures taken, rushing off to the last Spring Strings Project class so we could return again that evening for the Strings Project Concert.  This semester, he has taken group viola classes each Saturday at ASU with some very talented music education students.  The concert was made up of all the Strings Project classes, and they put on a great show of music.

This school year has been pretty amazing, and I'm relieved to be wrapping down for summer.  Somehow, though, I imagine our summer will be pretty busy as well!

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