Monday, May 02, 2011

Busy, Wonderful Weekend

Our weekend was busy, but wonderful.  Saturday morning found Bo headed to a golf tournament for work and the kids and I headed to ASU to take Colin to his Strings Project class.  It's an amazing opportunity to work with graduate music students from ASU and improve his playing.  There is only one lesson left before their concert, so he attended an earlier class than usual so he wouldn't miss out on the class.

He had to go to the earlier class because our local stuttering group was having an end-of-year picnic.  It worked out great that the picnic was at a park near ASU!  We had a great time visiting and playing.  I'm so grateful for this group, and am excited about being able to attend more meetings next year.

Around 12:35, Bo showed up to pick up Colin to take him to Little League.  We had agreed that Nate could stay at the picnic, but we knew that if 9 players didn't show up the team may have to forfeit the game.  Since there are only 11 players on the team, if both my boys didn't show up, it would mean that everyone else would have to be there (and I don't think that has happened yet!)

It worked out great that Bo was able to get him there just in time for the game.  Colin was the 9th player, which meant the team was able to play.  AND the team won!!  This was only their 2nd win for the season, so it was an awesome victory for the boys.  Nate, Lydia & I made it at the end of the game so we could see them bring home the win!

We grabbed something to eat, and then Colin headed off to a birthday party.  By the time he was home again, it was 9PM and everyone was ready for bed!

On Sunday, my sister came over to spend the day with the kids so Bo & I could head off to Tucson and visit the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum.  Last time we went with the kids, we noticed they had a nice restaurant on the grounds, and made plans to come back without the kids to enjoy lunch.  The day was perfect, sunny and not too hot.  We walked around for a while and checked out the black bear and the mountain lions, then walked towards the restaurant.  Where we found out that it was closed for the day due to a special event!

That's okay - we had a simple lunch instead, walked around some more and headed home.  It was great to spend the day with my honey and enjoy each other's company without parenting duties getting in the way.

We had the kids & my sister join us at Pei Wei for dinner and then everyone home again to get ready for a new week.

And I helped my sister with a small VBA project which was fun and a bit challenging as well. 

How was your weekend??

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  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I was at that museum with Rob and George when I was pregnant with Rocky!!! We'd driven from our home in Trail, B.C. down through there and to Nogales, MX just to say we'd "been to Mexico". We also went to Kanab, UT - neat town too. What I remember most about the Sonora Desert Museum is the great Limeaide drinks they sold - with crushed ice - boy was that good drinking in that heat! It was sooooo hot (for me) but we really enjoyed the place. Glad you two had some alone time!
    Our weather is finally getting a bit better to start doing some interesting things on weekends too now and then!
    God bless. Happy Easter!


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