Monday, May 09, 2011

National Stuttering Awareness Week - The King's Speech

Nate came home from school today to a box from The Weinstein Company.  They were the production company for the movie, The King's Speech, and they sent Nate a movie poster that was signed by David Seidler!

They included a note thanking him for being such a big fan.  He was so excited to receive this surprise in the mail -- and how appropriate that it arrived during National Stuttering Awareness Week.

David Seidler is the screenwriter of The King's Speech, and we will be able to listen to him speak this summer!  Nate and I are attending the National Stuttering Association's Annual Stuttering Conference in Texas and he is the keynote speaker.  We are excited and can't wait to go.

I just asked Nate why he thought The King's Speech was a good movie and he said "Because it shows perseverance for people who stutter."  A great thing to remember every day!

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