Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tell Me Thursday -- Stuttering

This is a poster for the National Stuttering Conference put on by the National Stuttering Association.   This is the first year we've been involved with the organization, and we have had a great time meeting with the local support group.

Nate & I are planning to go to this conference in Texas this summer.  He is excited about spending time with others who stutter, and I'm looking forward to meeting other parents.  It seems that there will be a ton to do, and we can't wait for July.

The rest of our family will stay home, so it will be a trip for just me & Nate.  I've taken a few weekends away with Lydia, but never with either boy.

We're working on a couple fundraising ideas to help us get there.  We have our plane tickets and hotel taken care of -- thanks to an extra project I picked up and a generous sponsor.  Thankfully, we are just looking for traveling money at this point, and I think that we should be able to do a few things to raise the extra money for that.

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  1. Have you checked out Friends, The National Association of Young People Who Stutter? They are also a terrific source of support. It was co-founded by a mom with a son that stutters.
    Check it out:


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