Friday, April 29, 2011

She's Four!

 I can remember sharing my pregnancy news on my blog more than four years ago, then sharing our baby girl's birth on April 29, 2007.  (I spent some time  yesterday re-reading the posts during my pregnancy and it brought back so many memories!  It also reminded me how this blog used to be a small-picture of our life and it has become much more big-picture.)

Did you know I chose her birth date?  I have email proof that I decided months before she was born that April 29 would be a good birthday.  The pregnancy was tough on me, but I wanted her to be full-term.  On April 29, she would have been full-term (her "due" date was May 14) and it was a Sunday which meant that my sister wouldn't have to take a day off work to keep the boys.  Bo was working a job where his weekend was Sunday & Monday, which meant that he wouldn't have to miss any work.  It just seemed like the perfect day.

And then it ended up her birthday!  Of course, it didn't go quite as I expected.  I had every intention of having another VBAC, but my blood pressure was high, and bed rest was difficult and not really helping keep my blood pressure down.  We didn't have much choice but to force her out.  On the plus sides, my sister didn't have to miss work to keep the boys and Bo had the day of her birth and the next day off of work.  My doctor was great, the delivery went fine, (and Lydia is convinced that her dad was a doctor on that day because she has seen pictures of him in his scrubs for the OR) and I went home 2 days sooner than they usually  let c-section moms go home.

She's been a joy and a delight ever since. She will quickly tell you that she is my angel child.  She also will tell you that everyone looks at her because she is just too cute.  And, that she is.  Humility, however, is in short supply.

Her hair is down to her waist, and she proudly exclaims that she wants to grow it to her toes!  (But, she is starting to get used to the idea of getting a trim one of these days.)

Her brothers fight with her and play with her and delight in reading to her.  The first question she asks after I pick her up from childcare is "Are my brothers home yet?"  When we're spending a day at home during the week, she asks by 10AM -- "Isn't it time for my boys to be here yet?"  I worried when she was born whether or not they would be close, but my worry was unfounded.  They are definitely close and find ways to play together all the time.

Bo likes to say that she is just like me -- stubborn and willful and insistent and independent.  I think those are all wonderful qualities to have.

She is also kind and inquisitive and spunky and loving and intelligent.  Her favorite spot in the evening is curled into my arm while I read a chapter book aloud.

Happy Birthday, my dear Lydia Jane!  I can't believe 4 years have gone by!  I treasure each day I have with you!

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  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Wow. Four years. I DO remember - but I'm surprised it was that long ago! She is a cutie patootie, that's true. And all your kids are basically miracle kids, from what I remember. God is good! Congratulations and Happy Birthday Lydia Jane (love her name too) and may you have MANY more!

  2. Yep, you're one of the faithful readers who were here years before I announced this pregnancy! Hard to imagine it's been 4 years!

  3. Anonymous8:17 PM

    What a sweet tribute to a great little girl!


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