Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tell Me Thursday - The Kid's Speech

This picture is of the spread in the April, 2011 issue of Raising Arizona Kids, written by me!  The article is about Nate, stuttering, and local support groups.  If you check the archives in May, there should be an online version of the article to read -- otherwise if you're local to metro Phoenix you can find an issue around town.

I was so pleased with the amazing job they did creating the spread.  The picture of Nate was taken by me, but they added the sidebar of other famous people who stuttered and additional pictures.  The article looked great, and I hope it helps local parents find the wonderful support group we attend through the National Stuttering Association

You will see more about stuttering and the NSA in the coming months as Nate and I are headed to the annual conference in Texas this summer.  We are very excited, and plan to do some fundraising to help us get there!  We have already received corporate sponsorship from a couple places, but we need to do more to meet the costs.  You will probably see more compensated posts on this blog (I've done 2 in the last couple weeks.) and I'll post about our fundraising efforts (Nate is planning to sell some original artwork.)   We are also open to additional corporate sponsorship to help us get there!

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