Saturday, April 30, 2011

Celebrating Four

When Lydia woke up on her birthday, the first thing she exclaimed was "Today is the first day of me being 4!"  She was pretty excited!

We have an 3.5 foot inflatable birthday cake that is pulled out for every birthday (we bought it when Colin saw it at the store when he was 3.) Next to the huge birthday cake, we had placed her brand new Disney bike w/pink camo helmet.  On top of the cake, I nestled the Max & Ruby stuffed animals.  And I put a new bracelet and a tiara in the pouch on the front of her bike.

She was a bit overwhelmed at first, but quickly got excited and tried out the bike.  We all had to get dressed and out the door, though, because the boys' school was hosting a family breakfast.  So, we went off and Lydia wore her tiara and enjoyed baked goods at school before sending the boys off to their classrooms.

Back at home, Lydia rode her bike around the house before we headed back out to her childcare center.  She has a soccer class on Fridays that she did not want to miss!  So, I dropped her off to well wishes from the staff and came back 2 hours later with her aunt so we could go to breakfast.

After a bit of discussion, we ended up at IHOP.  She ordered the fresh fruit bowl and an ice cream sundae.  Hey, it was  her birthday!!  The servers came with her ice cream and sang to her -- which she enjoyed, but was a bit shy about at the same time.  Many of the people wished her a happy birthday.

She was still wearing her tiara, and at first people thought it was because of the royals wedding in the UK (Prince William & Princess Kate) but she quickly let people know that it was her birthday.

She came back home to ride her bike some more, and call Grandma & Grandpa while opening her gifts from them.  Later in the afternoon, she called her godfather as she opened his gift.

She requested cupcakes with pink frosting with spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  She insisted Nate make the meatballs (he tried a new recipe a week or so ago and we all loved them!)  Colin was supposed to do the noodles and the skaggeti (sauce) but Bo did those.  I made the cupcakes and she helped decorate them. She invited dear friends of ours and her uncle for dinner and everyone had a lovely time (plus they came bearing even more gifts!)

She was very pleased with her day and declared turning 4 "very great!"  Already today she is asking when she will turn 5 . . .

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