Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Beat

Back in 2003, when I started this blog, my intention was to record the rhythm of our days.  Lately, however, life has been beating along so quickly that I don't have the time to blog the mundane parts of our life like I did when I was a SAHM with 2 toddlers. (Am I completely mangling the musical references?  I am SO not musical.)

I  have been cleaning out my blog reader and realized a number of blogs I followed were no longer publishing.  I also cleared out a number of single focus blogs.  While their craft ideas or recipes may have been interesting, I never got the feel that I "knew" them so I won't miss them.  I do, however, still think about some of the blogs I used to read in the early 2000's and wonder what has happened with their lives since they stopped blogging -- because they did open up their lives and I felt like I knew them. 

A friend mentioned that she was considering narrowing the focus of her blog, and perhaps starting multiple blogs.  I told her that I hope she keeps everything in one, because I like reading those "big picture" blogs so much more.  Even realizing that those bloggers that share a good portion of their lives can never share all of their lives.

I do blog about life and my kids and what we're doing.  But, it's only a small portion of who I am and while readers may have an idea of what's important to me, they don't really know me or what affects me.  I'm grateful for the real-life friends I have who "get me" and while a few may read my blog they truly know I am so much more.

I have a few posts in draft that I hope to finish soon.  But, first I need to get back to living this crazy, wonderful life of mine!

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  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Thanks! I don't even know that I could post often enough to maintain multiple blogs. It took me until today to get to last weekend even though I knew what I wanted to do.


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