Monday, January 10, 2011

Update in Bullets

  • I have only one open giveaway going on right now -- it's the Disney on Ice one for Phoenix area residents and that closes on the 12th.  Every other giveaway has closed and the winners have been notified. 
  • We got through the stomach flu that never seemed to end (well, that's not exactly true.  Every time I thought for sure that nobody else would get it, someone would.  It took a month to make it all the way through our family . . . and that sucked!)
  • Just in time to enter into winter cold/cough/laryngitis fun.  Lydia and I seem to have it the worst (at least at the moment)  It feels like it's been an unhealthy fall/winter so far, but I guess that's to be expected with the boys in full-time school and Lydia in part-time daycare. This may be a year for building up immunities.
  • We attended a rock & mineral show on Sunday and had a great time looking at all the different rocks and minerals.  The kids got some neat rocks and it was a lovely afternoon.
  • I really want to go see The Kings Speech and Tron, but haven't been able to figure out when.
  • Work is a bit slow, but not unusual for January.  I may have a large project in the near future which will eat up all my free time, so I'm coasting a bit until I hear if the project (and my role in it) are a go.
  • For work, Bo spent a couple days in Vegas last week, is headed to Florida next week, and I have absolutely no travel on my horizon.  I'm jealous, yes I am.
  • We had parent/teacher conferences for the boys today.  They are both doing well.  Colin earned honor roll again this quarter, but his teacher wants him to strive for principal's honor roll next.  They don't have honor roll in third grade, but Nate's overall scores are higher than Colin's -- so I imagine next year we'll have 2 on honor roll.
  • Soccer starts up next weekend, the boys are running in a kids run, Lydia starts dance in 2 weeks, chess club begins again at the end of the month and the boys are going to take karate one/day week after school.  It's been quiet for a bit, but that's about to end.
  • Colin is working on learning a number of Star Wars pieces for his viola.  He got a book for Christmas that includes a bunch.  
  • Nate is in a "good" stuttering phase.  I think a very laid-back Christmas break helped. Which makes me re-think all the extra-curricular things.  When I asked him, though, about giving up the various sports, he replied "Mom, I just couldn't do that.  I need to move!"  So, we'll keep an eye on it and be sure to build in enough down time for him, while still meeting his physical needs.
  • The other thing that may have helped is that I got very strict about bedtimes again.  It's hard to make sure they're tucked in by 8:15 each night, but 6:30AM comes early.
  • Bo traded an XBox for a small ATV.  I can't remember what he traded the XBox for (maybe a phone?) but we've had it for a while in anticipation of using it as a trade (we already have an XBox)  The kids are excited about riding.
  • I'm doing great about reading -- but haven't touched the garage yet. I love my Kindle, and love all the free books I find to add to it.
  • I'm worn out from this cold, so I'm off to an early bedtime as well!


  1. Melanie, our first year in public school was a nightmare - sick constantly. I bet it will take a year for you guys to build up the defenses. This year has been MUCH better for us though, so hopefully you will have the same luck. I hope ALL of you feel better soon!

  2. Way to go Nate the Great! Glad to hear everyone is doing so well in school! Sara is in FL right now and comes home Saturday. Maybe she'll run into Bo in the airport?

  3. Anonymous8:51 PM

    About a week ago, I heard something about kids in daycare being sick a lot but missing less school once they go, where kids who weren't in daycare missed a bunch of school once they went. Doesn't seem like this is new either. When my grandparents moved down from Canada in 1926, my father was sick so much (and mind you this was a one room school) that he had to repeat first grade. To make up for it, he decided to graduate from high school in 3 years.


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