Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tell Me Thursday - 1992

This picture was taken in 1992 in Paris, France.  I know there is no way you can tell that it is Paris -- but you can trust me that this was in a youth hostel in Paris.

I don't remember why I was wearing long black gloves, but I do remember that this picture was snapped by a very close friend (who I've since lost touch with.)

It was a trip we took as part of a class during college. I was an International Relations major, and the class was about something internationally related. We traveled to Europe to participate in a mock United Nations session and visited Brussels, Luxembourg and Paris. I remember much more about the trip than I do about the class.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but when I look at this picture, I see how happy I was.  It was a fun trip, with fun people, and many of them were (or became) close friends during college. I'd like to visit again, although I know a trip to Europe now would look significantly different than my first.  That's okay, though -- I know I'd still be happy and it would still be fun.


  1. Good picture I will have to find the ones I have of that trip. Oh and to refresh your memory, it was a model European Union taught by Mr Appleton, or as we nicknamed him Applebunny

  2. What a great pic and memory! We are planning a trip to Paris in the near future. (All those frequent flyer miles my hubs has accrued!)

  3. That is awesome! I never knew you did this! What a great story. :) :)

  4. Nice picture. You do look very happy.


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