Sunday, January 02, 2011

Bowl Giveaway

Sometimes, I get pitches that just make me laugh.  This was one of them -- Clorox is sponsoring a "Toilet Bowl" that will happen on January 13 to correspond with some of the big football bowl games.

To liven things up, they're sending me and one of my readers a gift box that will include not only an autographed football from Jessie Palmer, but also some Clorox toilet wands! 

You all know I have boys.  Boys who love sports of all kinds, including football.  I have a secret.  I have 2 bathrooms (well, that's not my secret, that's just fortunate) but my secret is that I tend to avoid the 2nd bathroom.  Lydia stayed in our room until she was almost 2, and I still give her baths in our master bath.  I don't give the boys baths anymore, so I don't have much reason to go into their bathroom (which we call the boys' bathroom, but I've been trying to switch and call it the kids' bathroom ever since Lydia was born. I'm still working on it.)

ANYWAY, I walked in there just today and thought "Oh, I can't wait until those Clorox toilet wands show up because I'm teaching the boys how to use them!"  They may be able to aim a football, but their personal aim is not so great.

Clorox is offering to send one of my readers a prize package that will include:
  • An autographed football by Jesse Palmer (ESPN analyst & former football player)
  • VISA/AMEX gift certificate to go towards snacks to create the perfect game day spread
  • Clorox Toilet Wands
  • Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner
To enter, you need to enter the information on my GIVEAWAY FORM (please do not leave a comment to enter - the only valid entries are those on my Google spreadsheet, which the giveaway form feeds into).  Pay special attention to the next 2 lines so you can enter the correct information:

Giveaway Name: Toilet Wands
Mandatory Question: Least favorite bathroom chore?

I will choose a winner using on January 6, 2010.  Good Luck!!

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