Monday, January 31, 2011

My Best Buy in January

I've been looking at digital frames for a long time, but part of me was put off at the cost, and another part of me wondered if it was really something that we needed.  I do have pictures around the house, and have made a few Shutterfly books, and I have about 250G of pictures on my hard drives.

BUT, then I was in Office Max buying printer ink and I walked by a Kodak digital frame that was marked down to $31.50.  It was the display model so it took them about 20 minutes to get it disentangled from the display before I could bring it home.

Bo brought me a 8G card and I loaded about 50 pictures on it.  Then the next day I loaded 100 more.  And then another 50 or so.

The kids are absolutely and completely entranced.  They sit in front of the frame and watch the pictures change.  They talk about the people in the pictures.  They remember the events that prompted the pictures to be taken.

When it's running, they will often pause and look at the pictures, then call out to each other about the pictures on the screen.

Just tonight, the 3 of them were watching the frame and a picture of my MIL popped up.  Lydia was just under a year when she passed away, and we visited her close to that time.  Because of this frame and the pictures I have loaded, Lydia recognizes Grandma Pat.  When her picture popped up tonight, Lydia said "Darn it!!  I'm so mad that she's gone. But at least I saw her when I was a baby!"

There's plenty of room on the card, so I will continue to add pictures regularly.  The frame sits in the kitchen now, and Colin will often turn it on as he eats his breakfast or snack at the kitchen island and watch the pictures go by. It was most definitely my best buy in January!

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  1. We received one for Christmas and my kids LOVE it. Like your children, they stand in front of it as if it's the television or something- absolutely in a trance it seems. Every time I add more pictures, they pull stools over to the area and huddle around the digital frame discussing photos and memories. It's kinda nice.


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