Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tell Me Thursday - First Day

Yes, they survived.

When Bo brought the camera home and I saw this one, I almost cried for my crumpled on the curb boy.

But, they both did fine.  It wasn't spectacularly exciting (but was grade school ever?) They both found their classrooms, the bathrooms, the lunchroom and the bus home. The teachers were nice.

Colin came home with homework and was annoyed, but survived. He also told me that books were not exaggerated. (We had a conversation a couple days ago where he shared that he thought maybe he had read too many books talking about negative things about school.  I said that books are often exaggerated to create a good story.)

Nate admitted that it was a pretty good day.  The biggest complaint is that he has to sit next to a girl.  (When I tell him that most of his favorite people are girls -- me, his sister, his aunt, his grandma) he explains that it's different.  We're his FAMILY, she's just some girl. 

They will do fine.  I will do fine.  It's a new chapter in our ever-evolving life.

We chose to homeschool because it helped us have time when we needed it for the family, I liked my kids, liked doing things with them and felt that I could do a good job at it. (And it was great visiting museums and zoos when most kids were in school! It meant there were no crowds.) When we first made the decision, Bo was working extremely long, erratic hours.  Even 2 years ago, it was common that he would leave for work after 9 or 10AM and not return until 9 or 10PM. Those early morning hours meant the boys could spend time with him and we felt that was extremely important.

This year?  I'm working consistently out of the home. Bo doesn't have as many evening or weekend calls. Our lives have shifted and it makes more sense for the boys to attend the local school.  Will we ever homeschool again?  Never say never!  But, we are committed to completing this year to the best of all our abilities. We loved homeschooling, but that doesn't mean we can't make different choices.

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