Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whole Foods Ground Beef Special (Giveaway!)

For Labor Day, Whole Foods is running an awesome deal on ground beef! Nationwide, the stores are offering ground, grass-fed beef at a special price of $3.99/lb! Grass-fed beef is much leaner than grain-fed and considered better for you. As always, they have some great recipes on their website that would be perfect if you're throwing a Labor Day picnic. I think we're going to try the Bahn Mi Grass-Fed Beef Burgers this weekend. (We've been watching the Food Network's Great Food Truck Race show and I've been intrigued by the Nom-Nom truck that serves Vietnamese sandwiches)

If you don't make it in time for that sale, if you live in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, they're offering 20% off burgers from Saturday - Monday.

To sweeten the deal a bit more, Whole Foods has generously offered to send a $10 gift card to one of my readers!

Giveaway Name: Grass Fed
Mandatory Question: What's your favorite burger topping?

Enter this giveaway by filling out the giveaway form with your information. The form keeps track of all of your information, without exposing your information to the Internet.  I always delete the entries after submitting the winner's information.  Comments left on this entry are not entered into the giveaway. For all my giveaway rules, check out this page.

Giveaway will end on Monday, September 6, 2010!

*Disclosure: I received a gift card, and one will be provided to my readers thanks to Whole Foods Market*

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