Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Roundup

  • Bo & the boys headed off to Milwaukee yesterday.  There was some excitement as planes were canceled and travel plans shifted, but they made it there safely and have been playing ever since. 
  • I absolutely love technology.  Even though we are 2000 miles apart, thanks to text messages and camera phones I can be part of the fun of Wisconsin State Fair and a Brewers baseball game and Bo can see Lydia playing at the Museum of Youth and my new haircut.   Yet, I still miss them. 
  • I haven't worked for a week.  We had a great week of playing, visiting museums, shopping and goofing off.  I work tomorrow for a client, and then I'm off for another week.  My break will be over then and I'll be back to working 3 - 5 days/week. 
  • The boys start school on Wednesday.  Wednesday!! 
  • It seems like summer just started, but when I look back at all that we've done this summer, I realize that it is definitely coming to an end.  Colin turned to me earlier this week and said "Mom, this is the best summer I can remember with all the activities!"
  • I bought school supplies, and was surprised at the amount of office and cleaning supplies we were asked to send to their classrooms. Is this typical all over? Each class asked for 3 reams of copy paper -- as well as hand sanitizer, soap, plastic bags and more.  
  • And, finally, to give you a laugh -- here's a video I shot of Lydia earlier tonight.  My sister & I were laughing about something and she came in and told us firmly to stop laughing.  I picked up my Flip and recorded this.  Excuse the shaking from me laughing.

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