Friday, June 18, 2010


I have been swamped with life lately!  I've been training with a new client, which has meant long days.  The boys started basketball (which they love!) and I have about a dozen other things that I need to stay on top of in my "real" life.  Blogging has been hard to find time for, but I hope the next week I'm able to squeeze some time in because I have some neat things to share!!

  • Our recent weekend trip was tons of fun & I want to tell you all about it!
  • There are some products I want to tell you about that I love (and even bought with my own money)
  • More products that I've been sent that are pretty neat and I want to tell you about
  • Talk about how the boys are adjusting to Open Gym
  • Rooting for the USA in the World Cup
  • and more . . . which I just can't remember right now.
My break is almost over, and then I'm back to it.  This weekend I MUST catch up with laundry, go grocery shopping, get my hair cut, clean the pool (ok, I admit, Bo does that), and all those lovely household things.  I also want to shop for some things we need (like new blankets -- I ruined ours in our new washing machine a few weeks ago.)  I want to go with my sister to check out a new restaurant I heard about from a co-worker.

So, I'm busy.  Super busy. It's all good and I will be back to blogging more soon!

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