Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Review: Circus

See this cutie? Lydia is convinced he's her new boyfriend. She was quite impressed by his green hair, and has plans to dye her own green just for him.

We went to opening night of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus tonight in Phoenix. We had a wonderful time, and were duly impressed by the amazing athletic feats of the performers.  The kids were all amazed and entranced throughout the show.  This year's show was called FUNUNDRUM, and it was definitely packed with fun.

It is non-stop action, with so much happening on the stage sometimes that it's hard to watch everything (but it's good because no matter where you sit, you have a great seat and are able to watch amazing performers.

Along with the green-haired clown, Lydia also loved the stilt-walkers.  I was most impressed by the acrobats -- including these 2 brothers aptly named "The Bionic Brothers."  The boys said their favorite part was the motorcycles.  At one point, there were SEVEN motorcycles zooming around that small metal sphere.

We got there early enough for the pre-access show this year, and the boys got to watch an elephant paint, see clowns close-up and received some fun red clown noses.

I remember last year being amazed at how much fun was packed into the evening, and I was amazed again this year.  The action really never does stop, and it seems amazing that intermission means the show isn't  yet over. It's a completely new show this year, and each act is amazing and unique,

The only thing that disappointed Lydia was that there were no dolphins.  I'm not sure why she thought there would be dolphins, but she did express her disappointment after intermission when the dolphins still hadn't been seen.  She did think the baby elephant, Barack, was very cute, though and that seemed to lessen the dolphin disappointment.

I highly recommend the show, and if you're in Phoenix I encourage you to use the code "MOM" to buy tickets at a discounted price of 4 for $44 through Additional tickets can be purchased for just $11 each.  They are performing until this Sunday, so hurry and have a great time this weekend at the circus.

*Disclosure: I received tickets for the show for my family from Feld Entertainment.  I was not compensated in any other way, and all thoughts & opinions are my own.*

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