Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Fun

I've mentioned quite a bit a few times that this summer is leading into some major changes for our family.  Actually, many of those changes have begun and the stress of change is affecting some of us already.

There's some angst going on, and some feelings of doom, and while I try to respect those feelings as best I can, there are times when I want to say "Just suck it up!!!  Look at all that I'm trying to do!!"

But I know that won't help much.  Because the feelings are genuine.  Our routines and usual ways are definitely changing.  I know that it's hard and the unknown is probably the hardest of all.  Bo & I have made some decisions that we believe are the best for our family, even if they are causing some gnashing of teeth and some tears.

Last night, over at Mom of the Screaming Masses, Carmen posted her summer fun poster.  I thought it was such a great idea that I immediately tore off a piece of paper and created our own.  I added a few things, and then asked the boys to add some things today.

I almost fell over when Colin wrote "Open Gym"  I hope he remembers how quickly he adapted to that new routine when he is thrown by starting school in the fall.  He was extremely miserable the first week of Open Gym, and mostly miserable the second week, but I'm proud of him for sticking with it (and proud of me for not caving and letting him quit although he desperately wanted to and it broke my heart to see my boy so upset.) Now that he's in the 3rd week, he actually declared it fun enough to add to our poster.

I'm going to encourage them to continue adding to the poster.  I'm going to encourage them to read it and remember the things we write even if they don't have anything new to add.  This is going to be an awesome summer -- and the memories will carry us through the expected difficult early fall.

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  1. Good luck Melanie! Starting school last fall was *really* hard on my kids, but 6 weeks in, they loved it. I hope things go smoothly for you.


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