Tuesday, June 08, 2010

SMART Love of Learning Blog Tour

As a technology trainer (I teach adults how to use software), I absolutely love SMART boards.  I don't always have the advantage of having a SMART board in the classrooms I use, but when I do, I am especially pleased.  SMART boards allow me to stay at the board and manipulate the computer through only the screen -- I can click, double-click, right-click, draw and use the keyboard all from the screen.  It makes it easy for my students to see what needs to be done and helps them learn more efficiently.

I was happy to join the blog tour for SMART to find stories of the best teachers!  Some lucky schools will receive SMART boards for their classrooms as a result of this tour, so I had to jump on board.  Even though I have been the primary teacher for my kids throughout the years, they are headed off to school next year and I know they will find dedicated and compassionate teachers to help them navigate their school year. They have been fortunate over the last few years to have wonderful teachers in their enrichment program, and Nate had the best speech pathologist last year helping him overcome his stutter.

You can share the story of your favorite teacher at their website here or visit their Facebook page for more information.  At their site, you can read other stories, and see some great ways that SMART boards are being used.  Telling your story will allow you to enter for a chance to win a board for a school of your choice.  One board will be given away to a U.S. school and another board will be given away to a Canadian school.

Check out this fun video about SMART boards!  After watching, don't forget to head over and share the story of your favorite teacher!

*Disclosure: This blog tour was organized by Mom Central, and I was provided a gift certificate in exchange for posting this information.  All words, thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.*

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  1. I’ve had a SmartBoard in my room for the long-ago three years and I teach pick up the pace 8th grade chemistry.


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