Thursday, December 03, 2009

What a Week!

Actually, it was Monday that was crazy and the rest of the week I've been busy playing catch-up. I had planned to spend Monday at home, schooling and cleaning, but you know plans are often set aside for life.

Nate has been coughing for too long, and when he was still coughing when he woke on Monday, I made an appointment for his pediatrician.  They decided to treat it as asthma, and sent me off with prescriptions for steroids and albuterol vials for our nebulizer. That took a good chunk of the morning.

Then, an early afternoon meeting with the speech pathologist left me nowhere closer to setting appointments for Nate than I was in September. I understand there is a protocol, and I understand that bureaucracy requires time, but I am frustrated that it's been 3 months and he's still not receiving services.  Throw on top of me a chunk of motherly guilt that I let him cough as long as I did, and he's still not receiving services for his speech. (oh, and he had a tooth pulled on Friday.  It hasn't been his week either.)

A couple non-bloggable things happened Monday which succeeded in making me feel even more stressed, vulnerable and worried.

In the early evening, I was resting with Lydia when the boys came home from football and Colin let me know that his front tooth broke again. (We had it repaired for the 2nd time a couple weeks ago . . . )

Just when I thought that at least the day was over, my sister called and needed me to take her to the ER. That was actually an interesting couple of hours as I people-watched while reading my Kindle and felt grateful that this visit wasn't going to cost me anything!  (Thankfully, she's fine.  A necessary trip, but she's okay now.)  And, then a late night visit to a 24 hour pharmacy.  Why can't the ER fill prescriptions?

I taught on Tuesday, but it was Excel Level One which is one of my favorite classes and one I don't need to prep for since I've taught it so many times now.  Wednesday was Family Lunch Day at the boys' enrichment program, so the day was full of driving back and forth and back and forth.  Today was back to normal and I realized that Nate has completed 3 quarters of his math for the year and I will need to figure out something else for him to do in early spring.  (That's not a bad thing, but I hadn't realized that he was that far ahead. The curriculum they're following online is difficult to follow and I don't understand why they have them start and stop and start modules again.  To my mind, it's much easier to stick with a topic until it's been completed. I suppose that could be an entire post!)

Tomorrow both boys have an early morning dentist appointment -- Nate needs a spacer and Colin needs his tooth repaired. After that, it'll be schooling and laundry!

I'm tired, but was able to take a good nap this afternoon, which felt wonderful. Everything just seems easier after a good, long nap!  This post may sound a bit whiny, but looking back I'm actually pleased with the outcome of the week.  Nothing terrible happened, just a lot at once!  We're capable of meeting the challenges placed before us, it just made for a crazy week this week!


  1. Your math curriculum reminds me of the "Everyday Math" program we have here in our public schools. It uses a "spiraling method" where the subject is introduced for a week or so. Then they move onto something else. Then something else again. When they finally come back to the first thing, they're expected to pick up right where they left off. (Like the poor kids remember!) Drives me absolutely batty!

  2. Kraig7:16 AM

    Hope the pace slows down and everything is back to "Normal"!


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