Monday, December 07, 2009

Review: PictureIt Postage

I was contacted by PictureIt Postage recently wondering if I would like to try out their product. I had never heard of them before, but I found out they offered personal photographs turned into regular USPS postage. I loved the idea, and took them up on their offer to let me try it out!

You can see one of the sheets of stamps to the left. I chose a picture of my three kids that was taken at the same time as our Christmas card photo (but wasn't the photo I chose for our cards.)  I think they look great on our envelopes and really love the extra personalization they offer.

The process was very simple!  It took me longer to choose the photograph than it did to complete my order. You choose a picture, upload it to the PictureIt Postage website, choose your stamp denomination and how many sheets you'd like.  (You can choose post card, letter, and many other rates.) Then, you fill in your shipping and billing information and you're done!

Until December 31, 2009, they are offering a discount code for any order. Use the code SALE and receive the following discounts:
  • $4 off 1 pack (20 stamps)
  • $8 off 2 packs (40 stamps)
  • $10 off 3 packs (60 stamps)

My stamps arrived only 2 days after I ordered them, which I thought was very fast!  They look great and I am very pleased with the service.

For twenty 44 cent stamps, the cost was $18.95 plus shipping.  It is a bit pricey, but for special occasions, I think they are unique and different.  I think they would be great for weddings, baby announcements, thank you notes and holiday cards.  They'd also be a fun marketing device for companies to put their products on their postage.

I was very happy with how easy it was to use the website, and how quickly the stamps arrived!  Thanks, PictureIt Postage! Now it's up to me to address the envelopes!

Disclosure:  I received a promotional code which allowed me to order a set of personalized stamps for my own use at no charge, in order to facilitate my honest review. No additional compensation was provided.

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  1. What a great product. My kids would love to see themselves on letters.


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