Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Settling In

We seem to be settling into our new routine pretty well these days. I've been working out of the house 2 - 3 days per week and the kids have done well with a sitter who is also a homeschooler. They've both been wonderful about keeping up with their assignments, and we spend time on the days I don't teach on specific areas and learning more. C is amazing me as he blazes through material and recently chose a pretty difficult 5th grade Reading Comprehension workbook. It's definitely a challenge for him, but one that he's meeting head on. N is also doing well and is finishing the school year's books well ahead of schedule. While C has me ordering the next year's books as soon as he finishes, N looks forward to less work and enjoying the summer. I'm letting each boy take the lead, as both are learning well and at their individual pace.

L is still a delight and absorbs everything around her. She is extremely verbal and very smart. She's stringing 2 - 4 words together regularly. She called both boys "C" for a long time, and they are both "N" at the moment. I imagine her next big leap will be when they each have their own name. She cracks me up when she goes looking for someone and hollers out "Honnnneeeyyyyy!" as she toddles through the house.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time in front of a classroom again, and am spending quite a bit of time preparing for new classes. It's so much fun, but teaching classes for the first time is always a little nerve-wracking!

I'm also happy with the writing gigs I have and enjoy keeping up with different blogs and a few other assignments. This summer, I'd like to branch out a bit more and add more clients, and maybe a few different industries.

And, the funny thing is, that just as we're all settling into our new routine -- things are about to change yet again. DH is headed off to Boston next week for a new job. The housing market means that the kids and I will stay here. It'll be challenging, and difficult, but like always -- we're up for it! We don't know how long this commuting will last, but have committed to giving it a try for at least 6 months to a year. In this economy, we need to do whatever we can to stay afloat, and while none of us are happy that it means we'll be separated by 2500 miles -- we'll do what it takes.

And, that's my update for now!

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