Friday, April 03, 2009

Sometimes you have to give in

I fought a cold, that lingered for a couple weeks. I taught twice this week, and fought a headache since Monday, but kept going and going. Yesterday, my head was even worse and I was trying to ignore it and hope that the pain would just go away. Today, I could barely move without shooting pains throughout my head and so finally went in to Urgent Care.

The PA diagnosed a sinus infection, gave me a shot right in the office for the pain (which was such a blessed relief after about 30 minutes -- I didn't quite realize HOW much pain I was in until it started to lessen) and provided me with prescriptions to counter the inflammation and get rid of the infection.

Last weekend, I said to DH that I thought I had an infection, but I just ignored it and kept hoping it would resolve on its own. I didn't want to spend the money on the co-pay and prescriptions; I didn't want to take the time out; I just wanted to be healthy.

I wish I would have gone in on Tuesday -- I wouldn't have lost the few days to pain that I did. I fell behind on a couple projects and lost hours of potential productive work time.

There's no point in beating myself up over it now, though -- I'll just have to remember the lesson next time I feel the tell-tale symptoms!

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