Tuesday, September 11, 2007

toes & misc

Last week, L discovered her toes! I still haven't gotten a picture of her grasping those tiny toes -- but I'll work on that this week.

I just got a call from DH asking if I thought he should go to Lubbock, TX for the week. Ummm, well, I would rather he NOT, but if leads are as scarce this week as they have been the last few weeks, then I guess he should go. I have a load of work shirts in the washing machine right now, so when he comes home in an hour or so he can finish packing and head out. Hopefully it will be a profitable week for us. I'm not looking forward to it, but I know we'll manage just fine.

N is going through another stage of night difficulties. He's always been a struggle to get to stay in bed at night, and he seems to be smack in the middle of another phase. I need to shake things up to find a new way to cope, and I haven't yet hit on the magic solution. I think there's a part of him struggling with the new addition, and starting classes, and just growing older. I need to find a way to help him through this time. Unfortunately, L likes to cluster feed from around 8 to 10 -- and when DH isn't home I'm trying to placate her as well as put the boys to bed. The biggest trouble I have with him right now is that he won't STAY in bed. He gets up 5-15 times before he finally stays put . . . always with a request or comment. We have stopped granting requests -- no more drinks or food after being tucked in. We're always willing to give him a hug & a snuggle. I'm trying to give him some one-on-one time during the day and perhaps I need to try harder. Last night I told DH that we have to stop even speaking to him when he gets out of bed -- just lead him back to bed. I don't know how to do that while I'm breastfeeding though?? Any ideas? Please feel free to comment!

Umm, no transition here -- I"ll just jump to a new topic :) Dinner on Sunday was very nice and I think our guests enjoyed themselves as well. It felt great to entertain again -- we used to do so quite a bit in years past and have totally gotten away from it. I know DH felt great about it as well, as he already invited a different family to dinner next Sunday! (which reminds me I may need to cancel that as he'll be driving home on Sunday.)

DH went to the doctor on Monday and has to go get a bunch of bloodwork drawn. As soon as that comes back, his doctor is also scheduling him for a sleep study. There have been various niggling things for a while now, and I'm glad I finally got him to the doctor. He hasn't been himself for a few months now and I'm worried. He rarely goes to the doctor as it is, so getting him there was quite the feat!

I guess this was a bit of a brain dump. Maybe someday I'll write coherent and well thought out posts . . .

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