Saturday, September 15, 2007

positive reinforcement

It is such a joy to have our choices validated, especially by near strangers.

At the ball park today, I was nursing L. One of the coaches saw me and said "Oh! How I remember those days! Except I had one on each side! I nursed my twins for a year -- no matter where I was! And I had no patience for people who gave me a hard time about it in public!" I told her that I thought she was awesome :)

Then, a few minutes later, a man said "Not that I'm looking -- but it's awesome that you're nursing and that hooter hider is the best! My wife used hers all the time - but yours is prettier than hers was!" (My cover up was made by a WAHM, found on ebay. It is made from a very light material, has a neck strap so it doesn't slide off, and has boning near the top so it sits away from the baby a bit and I can look down and see her easily. It's an off-white background with large lavender roses.)

A few random words of encouragement can make such a difference. I'm sure neither of them realized what a boost they gave me today! I hope I can remember to be as encouraging to those around me!

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