Sunday, September 09, 2007

company & couple time

We're expecting company for dinner any moment now. DH has been friends with the husband for a few years now, but this is the first time we've invited them over. L thankfully decided to take a rare afternoon nap, so we were able to whirl through the kitchen, living room and bathroom to get it company-ready.

Unfortunately, that meant dropping piles in the laundry room, boys' room, and our bedroom that will have to be dealt with later . . . but at least the house can be seen and we won't be embarrassed! I'm glad that I put forth the initiative to make this dinner happen, as I know it's important to cultivate friendships and we haven't done much cultivating "couples" friends in the last few years.

It's been a busy few weeks between homeschooling, errands, and caring for kids. I know that DH is feeling neglected these days, but I'm at a loss at how to fix that right now. We've had a few opportunities for good familytime, which has been wonderful (!), but we haven't had any couple time in longer than I can remember. How do YOU carve out couple time in your marriage? I'd like to think that we can weather this, but I know from past experience that he really struggles during this infant-stage, and a dear friend's marriage trouble brings this even more to the front of my mind.


  1. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Can't really give you any advice on carving out couple time 'cos, as you know, I'm not married. But I do believe that it is important to make time for one another, is there any one you trust nearby, who would do a baysit rota with you so that maybe you could go for a meal just the two of you, say once a month?

  2. Great idea, Deb, but one we haven't been able to manage. Part of our problem is that DH's schedule has his weekend on Sun & Monday. He almost always works Fri & Sat nights, which makes scheduling difficult. I know I need to try harder, though, to make something work!


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