Sunday, August 06, 2006

wonderful Sunday

Today was the kind of day I enjoy most : )

We woke at a leisurely time and headed out to breakfast at the 5 & Diner. On the weekend, they usually have a balloon artist moving around the tables, which the boys love. C asked for a white dog and N asked for a red monkey. It's really amazing what these guys can do!

After breakfast, we headed over to the cheap theatre and bought our tickets for Ice Age 2. It was a cute movie, and nothing too bad. The underwater predators were a bit scary for N, but not too bad. C's favorite part was the squirrel that chases after an acorn throughout the movie.

Then, we headed across the way to Borders, where I used my educational discount card to get the last in Ralph Mouse's trilogy and a collection of Robert McCloskey stories (found in the bargain section for $5.99). DH has been reading the Ralph stories at bedtime on those nights that he's home for bedtime. (I've been reading On the Banks of Plum Creek -- both boys love the stories of Laura & Mary Ingalls! We started with the first in the series, and are now reading the 4th.)

We came home briefly, then I headed back out with my sister for a Trader Joe's run. We called my parents on the way to the store to get both of our calls out of the way (my parents expect each of us to call home on Sundays -- J & I often call when we're together on Sundays to take care of both calls at once. It's funny, because I usually end up talking to my mom/dad at least once during the week, not counting Sunday) Got some yummy food, including pork chops & apple pastries for tonight's dinner. I made it home in time to put away the groceries, throw the pork chops in some marinade, then head out for 6PM mass.

During which C was absolutely angelic. N is still a flutterbug, but he's getting better.

When we got home, DH started the grill and grilled the pork chops while I made some rice and green beans. N set the table, and we had our family dinner! (Most nights of the week, it's just the 3 of us at dinner-time, so Sundays are always extra-special with DH home for dinner.)

DH is reading the new Ralph book right now and the boys will be sleeping a little later than usual - but they can sleep in tomorrow.

It was just a perfect day.

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