Thursday, August 10, 2006

mom's group topics??

I know I don't have many readers . . . but those I do have are mostly moms . . .

So, help me out! What topics would you like to see discussed / covered during a mom's group?

Our mom's group meets at our parish one morning a month. There is no childcare offered for children, so they are with us in the same room (limits certain topics.) Topics covered in the past include: gentle discipline, prayer, building a domestic church, meal planning, sign language, frugal living, good books.

In the past, we've opened with a prayer (Hail Mary) and shared prayer requests. Then we usually take a moment to talk about the next topic, any playdates or mom's nights out planned for the month, and any other business (like if an expecting mom needs meals, etc.) Then, we move into the topic and usually wrap up 90 minutes later.

Any ideas for topics that you might have are welcome! I need to plan at least the first half of the year and feel tapped out.

Thank you!

1 comment:

  1. Alexa - can you give me some examples? How would you "set it up"? thanks!!


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