Sunday, August 27, 2006

This Week

We had a fairly busy week last week - between homeschooling, my dentist visits, and normal life.

This week, we've got another busy one. Lots on tap for homeschooling; another emergency visit to the dentist for me (a tooth on the other side of my mouth cracked tonight!); mail a box of goodies to my brother in Kuwait; lunch with a friend & her new baby; can recycling; paper recycling; drop off at the food bank; and a grocery run or two.

I'm still trying to plan meals! Last week I cleaned out and re-organized the pantry and this week I want to get to the freezer. I really need to just SIT DOWN with a few cookbooks and a blank calendar and plan out meals! I don't know why I am so blocked about doing it. It would make my life so much simpler, and DH would eat so much better. I just need to block out some time on the calendar and DO IT.

I have this week's homeschooling mostly planned out. I am so eager for the weather to cool down so we can start spending time at the zoo and botanical gardens again. I planned the first half of the week and am waiting to see how it goes to decide what we'll do in the latter half.

I need to catch up with laundry (again!) and give the floors a good cleaning this week. I need to deep clean my room and go through the pile of clothes currently on the rocker in there . . . but I admit that I don't know if I'll get to that. Some of this will depend on whether or not I end up with another root canal this week. If I do - I will have to figure out a way to earn some money so we can afford all this dental work!

I'd also like to fit in some time for me . . . and I don't think sitting in the dentist's chair should count. I have a movie from Netflix waiting for me to watch, my hair desperately needs a cut, my brows need waxing, my toenails need painting. Realistically, this week, I will probably paint my toenails and *maybe* watch the movie. I should take the portable player to bed with me and watch a movie instead of reading before sleep.

1 comment:

  1. You're a busy girl, Melanie! :)
    Get them toenails painted up and have a "relaxy" as glorybe used to tell me!
    All homeschool moms need a "relaxy!" ;)


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