Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Last night found me at at the hospital because my oldest fell off the trampoline (the trampoline I did NOT want . . . and is being removed from the yard soon.) Thankfully, it wasn't more serious than a knee sprain, but my heart fell when I saw him fall!

A neighbor moving was unable to take her trampoline, so we ended up with it in our yard. My husband had often talked of wanting one, but I always said I didn't want one as they are one of the top reasons kids end up in emergency rooms. However, when this came up, I went along with DH and let him take it for the kids. As you can see by the picture, they have had fun on it the last couple weeks we've had it. I set rules -- no jumping unless an adult was out there with them.

But, even though I was there - not 10 feet away - C fell when trying to get off and managed to twist his knee the wrong way. He was crying and scared and I immediately dosed him with Tylenol and arnica and put ice on the knee. It was swelling, but not much. DH was playing racquetball, so I called the gym and had them go get him off the courts to meet us at the hospital.

Thankfully, we had absolutely no wait and were seen fairly quickly. No real damage - just a slight sprain. DH met us at the hospital and immediately said the trampoline had to go. Now to find someone to take it from us - which shouldn't be that hard. Maybe a family with older kids . . . or someone who wants to spend the money for the enclosure. My kids DID have a wonderful time playing on it - but I'm not willing to risk another (more serious) injury with it. There's too many ways they'll find to get injured without having something risky like this in the yard!

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  1. I hate trampolines. I'd get rid of it too!


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